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Bringing the treasures of the past to the present, finding lessons for the future

I am viewed as a non-conformist in my profession. I was called in a documentary featuring one of my projects a "maverick archaeologist." For me, that has been a good thing. By being willing to be different, to take the path less traveled, has helped me to develop qualities as a leader and has given me some amazing opportunities. This in turn, taught me much about thinking "outside the box" and creating innovative actions based on these experiences.These situations evolved into further opportunities and projects.

Atocha, 1622 Box with gold chain

Educational stuff: I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology and a Master’s in Historic Maritime Archaeology

Projects I have done:

•    Atocha and Margarita,  1622. In 1985, recovered over 500 million dollars of Spanish Treasure – Projects ongoing, National Geographic                    Documentaries

•    1715 Fleet, Hundreds of millions of dollars recovered through the years. Nat Geo, Discovery,
      Travel Channel

•    Keynote address for Scott’s Restaurants Group in Banff Canada

•    Pilar,1691 project, Spanish Vessel lost in US Territory of Guam carrying tons of silver

•    Negotiated with State and Federal Governments to design working plans for shipwreck recoveries, ongoing

•    Presentations at the University of Hawaii

•    Elected to the Explorers Club

•    Presentations to National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) on RMS Titanic

•    Ran Seas, Inc. a sales event at over 200 locations across the USA, Canada and Internationally showcasing  the treasures recovered        from the Atocha, 1622, presentations 3x daily 5 days a week – this is where I became a speaker!

•    RMS Titanic, became the first archaeologist to wok on this famous wreck from manned submersibles

•    Presented Keynote address “Hidden Treasures” for Cleveland Clinic/ Cleveland Museum of Science, VIP’s raising funds for The Center for              Autism

•    Presentation to Presidents Council on Ocean Affairs

•    Presentations at the Maui Ocean Center Aquarium for VIP audience  Maui, Hawaii

•    Lusitania, 1915 investigation and survey Discovery Channel

•    Le Chameau 1725 and the HMS Fantome, 1810, recovered treasures, Nova Scotia Canada

•    Atlantic Sands Project, investigate and recover treasures from the deepest historic period shipwreck in 16,300 feet from manned                              submersibles.  Context TV Documentary

•    Ben Franklin's Privateer Ship, Wales UK. National Geographic Explorer Documentary

•    San Jose, 1631 Republic of Panama wreck found treasure recovered

•    Deep Six Investigations of historic shipwrecks in Atlantic Basin, 17,000 Feet with ROV’s 

•    SS Central America 1857, recovered Gold bars coins, for Federal Admiralty Courts

•    Coopers Treasure, Discovery Channel series, investigating 20+ shipwrecks in the Bahamas

•    Keynote Presentations at the Vancouver International Boat Show, Vancouver British Columbia, Canada

•    Expedition Unknown with Josh Gates, Panama and Florida Keys upcoming series episodes. 2020

•    Project Archaeologist for Allen Exploration, The Bahamas

some of my background
Titanic 2000 team.jpg
Titanic 2000 Expedition, (bottom row third from left)
Coopers Treasure 2018
Jim Coopers treasure 2017 Long Cay Baham
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