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Treasures Lost
         Historic Treasures Found

Is finding lost or sunken treasure just a dream?

(Spoiler Alert! No!)

Can learing about the quest for treasure help you

in Business and Life?

(The answer is YES! Let me show you!)

Presentations I make can

make your next event, class or lecture an experience no one will


(In fact - it will be treasured!)

Have you ever dreamed of finding lost treasure?

(Sure you have, you can admit it!)

What sort of historic treasures can be found? And where?

From Shipwrecks I have worked - Silver, Gold and Jewels!

No one does this alone.

In life or business - talent, vision, collaboration, networking

who is on your team

(Stop dreaming - act)

How would finding such a treasure change you

or your business?

(It's not as straight forward as you might think)

How to bring historic treasures out of any kind of wreck?

Pulling value out of wreckage!

(Wrecks and their treasures as metaphors for business

and life)

What important ideas can come from finding

historic treasures?

(Loads of them actually)

What are the traits of a successful shipwreck hunter?

(Vision, leadership, perseverance, accountability, flexibility, collaboration, resilience, engagement to name a few)

These traits can can transform you in business and in life!

Who I am

I'm Jim Sinclair, for the past 40 years I have been a professional underwater archaeologist, ocean explorer a shipwreck hunter and more importantly a shipwreck and historic treasure finder.  I have worked across the globe on some of the worlds greatest lost shipwrecks some produced fabulous undersea treasure.  I have presented talks on these adventures at over 500 venues. 

I have been featured on National Geographic Documentaries and Discovery Channel Shows, History Channel amoung others.

 As a professional speaker I present stunning highlights of these fabulous adventures and amazing finds and show how they relate to key ideas - not only for treasure hunting but across the entire spectrum of business ventures and to life.

Through these talks I capture the excitement, the struggle, the passion and achievements of making these great finds and through them I  identify the key traits and concepts that make for success. Whether underwater, in the boardroom or in daily life these concepts and traits are invaluable!

I have been on some of the greatest shipwrecks in the world and  been a leader on some of the most successful "treasure hunts" or better yet "treasure recoveries" of modern times. I have given wildly successful presentations nationally and internationally.

From the 500 million dollar recovery of my first "big treasure" the fabled Nuestra Senora de Atocha, a Spanish galleon lost in 1622. To the wreck of the Titanic, and so many other of the worlds great shipwrecks, I have been privileged to help recover wondrous treasures around the world.

Throughout these projects and expeditions, certain key qualities and attributes have become indispensable. Some of these are:

Leadership - who leads the quest?

Persistence - there will be set backs

Resilience - the ability to keep going 

Accountability - of self and counting on the team

Flexibility - pivot when needed, adapt to new situations 

Collaboration - knowing who to talk to is key

Jim on back deck with dive gear.jpg

Photo by Carol Tedesco


photo by Don Kincade

Treasures undreamed of  found 

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